102% Traffic Increase For Wine E-Commerce



Featured Links:

  • ohmydish.com (DR52 – 19.600 traffic)
  • toronadosd.com (DR40 – 77,300 traffic)
  • swedesinthestates.com (DR38 – 3,600 traffic)
  • twigscafe.com (DR34 – 9,200 traffic)
  • winedharma.com (DR48 – 138,000 traffic)

6,693 -> 13,252 (+102%)

Monthly Google traffic


High quailty backlinks built

DR20 -> DR28 (+40%)

Domain rating increase

The Website:

This website is an online store, selling various accessories related to wine – Wine racks, wine coolers, etc.

The content and on-site optimisation was already great, and the site was starting to gain traffic from Google. Link building was an obvious way to add fuel to the fire and push the growth further.

How We Built Links:

These wine accessories are generally for a market with higher incomes – Most of these products are fairly expensive.

Despite this, it was surprising to see that many of the keywords targeted by this website had 1) decently high search volume and 2) relatively low competition.

In other words: It shouldn’t take too many links to be competitive in this niche, and there was quite a lot of traffic up for grabs.

The downside was that there’s not a ton of wine / alcohol related websites out there from which to build links.

There are, however, an almost unlimited amount of websites about food, travel, and home.

These types of websites are very related to wine in various ways, so we decided to focus most of our efforts here.

The Results:

Our client has seen an increase of 102% in their organic traffic.

We can’t attribute all of this to the backlinks we built. The client had already done a great job with getting their content, on-site optimisation, and overall website structure in place.

The combination of these things with the 35 links we built is what drove these fantastic results.

The websites where we built backlinks had an average of DR42, and 20,300 traffic.

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