1,390% Traffic Increase For Golf Site



Featured Links:

  • thesportsgrail.com (DR49 – 518,100 traffic)
  • chicagogolfreport.com (DR35 – 13,200 traffic)
  • golfcartgo.com (DR31 – 3,900 traffic)
  • mgigolf.com (DR48 – 20,200 traffic)
  • familydaysout.com (DR57 – 408,100 traffic)

28,280 -> 421,195 (+1390%)

Monthly Google traffic


High quailty backlinks built

DR12 -> DR56 (+367%)

Domain Rating increase

The Website:

This is an authority site in the golf niche, targeting a mix of affiliate and informational keywords.

The site features in-depth guides and product reviews, complete with first-hand information and custom images.

How We Built Links:

The website owner does a great job with content creation. This great “linkworthy” content within a popular hobby niche, means we had plenty to work with for our link buliding campaigns.

Outside of targeting other golf sites as link prospects, this niche can also be effectively connected to a bunch of others.

Websites about sports, health and fitness, travel, and hobbies made up large parts of our prospect lists.

With all these to work with, we essentially have an unlimited amount of prospects.

This is how we’ve built hundreds of links over the course of about 4 years, and how we continue building links for this client today.

The Results:

Our client has seen an increase of 1,390% in their organic traffic.

This is thanks to the combination of high quality content, a huge mainstream niche, and the 494 (and counting) backlinks we’ve built.

The websites where we built backlinks had an average of DR42, and 42,700 traffic.

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