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Get Backlinks That’ll Skyrocket Your Organic Traffic

Traffic Increase For An Entertainment Business

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– Ben Reynolds

“Jason and We Outreach helped turn our search engine traffic from a slow decline back to growth…

– Josh Blackburn

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Avoid Google Penalties

With 100% Natural & Blacklist-Free Backlinks

Letting another company handle your link building can be risky…

Many link building agencies cut corners, or just sell risky links from the same network of websites over and over again.

But at We Outreach we’re different than most other agencies – We work hard to keep your website safe by enforcing a strict quality policy.

Every link we build is double-checked (by a link building and supervisor) using our 13 point quality checklist.

You’ll only get links that appear 100% natural in the eyes of Google.

Only Real Sites

Your links will always be editorially-approved from real websites. We use email outreach to contact websites, and never use PBNs or blog networks.

No Link Farms

Link farms exist purely to sell links to anyone who’s willing to pay – No matter how shady. These are some of the highest risk links around today, and we avoid them at all costs.

Only English Sites

Your links will always come from websites in English speaking countries.

– Shane Dutka

“Jason and the We Outreach team are probably the only folks in SEO industry who builds links exactly the way I would for myself…

– Adam Singfield

“We Outreach have provided a dependable and flexible link-building service for a fair price…”

Introducing: The Monthly Authority Links Subscription

Get 10+ High Quality Links To Your Business Every Month

A completely done-for-you service that leverages your brand and content to build high quality links that grow your traffic.

Field-Tested Quality Criteria You Can Trust

After 4 years, 5000+ links, and traffic growth for dozens of happy clients it’s safe to say we know which links will move the needle…


We use the DA (Moz) or DR (Ahrefs) score of a website to determine the relative strength of a link from it. The higher, the better.

Organic Traffic

How much organic traffic a website get is our favourite quality indicator at We Outreach. The logic is simple: If Google gives a website a lot of traffic, then they surely see it as high quality.


We care about both website and page relevance. Google is really good at understanding the topic of a page, so it’s critical that there’s a strong relevance match between the linking and linked pages.

Anchor Text

Our anchor text policy ensures that Google understands the topic of your page, while also maintaining an anchor text profile that looks natural.

Link Placement

Your links will always be placed naturally in a paragraph on an article page. No footer links, sponsored links, or any other stuff. Only perfectly contextual in-content placements.

Fresh Links

To ensure that you get the most benefit possible, all your links will come from websites that have never linked to you before.

– Tommy Van Rheeden

“Besides his deep knowledge of link building he has a breadth of experience in most facets of online marketing, from SEO to PPC, affiliate marketing and authority sites.”

– Ben Perry

“It’s the links you would build yourself if you had the time and expertise… It’s always a pleasure to work with true professionals.”

Get Links That Your Competitors Can’t

With Our Process Designed Specifically For Websites With Great Content

Having great content on your website is the foundation of every successful link building campaign.

Convincing another high quality website to link to you becomes soooooo much easier.

Most of your competitors don’t have great content. They simply pay for links from low quality websites – An ineffective and risky strategy.

By investing in great content you’ve opened the door to higher quality links for your website.

All you need is an effective outreach specialist to put it in front of the right audience – Enter We Outreach.

We work hard to promote your content, and leverage it into the best links possible.

Our process simply isn’t effective without great content – And that’s why this is a restricted service, only for websites that are a great fit.

The combination of your content and our link building is what delivers the massive traffic growth you can see above.

Increase The “Ranking Power” Of All Your Pages

By Building A Solid Foundation Of Diverse Links

A link to your website does not benefit just a single page.

The reason: Link equity flow.

Links to a page increase its “equity”.

And this equity can be passed further, to any other linked pages.

Imagine Page A has links from 100 other pages – Let’s say 100 links gives Page A 100 “equity points”.

When Page A links to Page B, some portion of this equity is passed to Page B. We could guess Page B gets 80 points, just from a single link from Page A.

The “equity points” of 100 links flow through Page A to Page B, and BOTH pages receive a masive benefit.

And the same when Page B links to Page C, and so on.

Now here’s the kicker…

This applies to your INTERNAL links too.

Imagine you have a massively valuable page that attracts a ton of links. When you link from that page to another on your website, you pass the equity too.

If you have a good internal link structure, links to ANY page can benefit ALL pages.

We Outreach chooses the pages which can attract the best links, and you pass that link equity around your website with internal links.

This a powerful combination which helps drive staggering ranking increases across your entire website.

Get Ahead Of Your Competition, And Stay Ahead

With A “Set & Forget” Flow Of Fresh Links Every Month

The SERPs are NEVER static…

Your competitors are always on the move – Constantly producing content, optimising, and building links.

If your website needs 20 pages and 50 links to be competitive today, it might need 30 pages and 80 links by this time next year.

Here’s the point… You need ongoing content and link building processes, not just “one and done” solutions.

We Outreach can’t help with the content part. But we’re a great fit with websites who already have solid ongoing content processes.

Our Monthly Authority Links subscription is a “set & forget” solution to this challenge.

Our team of expert link builders will churn along in the background, producing powerful links that increase your ranking power.

We’ll help you get ahead of the competition and stay there – Without any effort whatsoever from you.

– Andrew Girardin

“When Jason started his service I jumped on board… I basically don’t even think about links anymore, and it’s a real relief.

– Mads Singers Sorensen

“We Outreach really had great communication throughout the process and delivered great results!

Let’s Get Started

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– Thomas Lacroix

“I highly recommend Jason, Matt and the whole team for their work.”

– Geoff Cudd

“We Outreach have provided a dependable and flexible link-building service for a fair price…”

Who Is This Service For?

Authority Sites

If you operate an authority site and need a reliable link building service so you can keep focused on content, the Monthly Authority Links service is for you. We Outreach will be the link building engine that works in perfect combination with your content production.

Businesses Who “Get” SEO

If your business has a solid SEO strategy with great content production and optimisation already in place and you need a reliable “plug and play” backlink solution, this service is for you.

Meet The People Behind We Outreach



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Senior Campaign Manager

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your link quailty criteria?

As a trusted link building partner, our entire process is designed to only deliver quality links.

We think of quality in terms of what we think search engine algorithms want to see, with the goal of our SEO link building services being twofold: Acquire links that will drive ranking and traffic increases, while also avoiding the obvious of unnatural link building tactics (which search engines might penalise).

We use various criteria to avoid low quality links, but here’s the summary:

Domain Rating (DR)

An Ahrefs metric which summarises the strength of a websites link profile.

Domain traffic

The amount of Google traffic a website receives. If Google sends a lot of traffic to a certain website, then it probably also deems outbound links from that site to be of decent quality. We don’t just care about the raw amount of traffic, but also the stability, trend (up or down), and the countries which it comes from.

We only get links from websites that have a “clean” outbound link profile, with no or few links to low quality websites, or broken links.

Topical focus

The narrower the focus of the content on a website, the better. We avoid websites that cover every topic under the sun.

Overall website design and quality

Anchor text and page relevance

The goal of our SEO link building is to secure topically relevant links, which means we want the linking page to be tightly related to your website/page, and also for the anchor text to look natural and to make sense contextually.

How many links do I need?

This will depend on your obectives and the current state of your website, and it’s something we’ll be able to assess during your application process.

Generally speaking websites in competitive spaces will need a higher number of links to be competitive. This is simply because other websites in the space also have a high number of links.

How do payments work?

Depending which of our link building packages you choose, payments are either monthly subscriptions or one-off.

We handle invoicing through our customer dashboard. You’ll be able to login to manage your payment methods, pay invoices, make orders, and have a record of all invoices and link reporting.

Can I cancel my subscription?

We ask for 30 days of advanced notice if you need to cancel your subscription.

How are links reported?

For all of our quality link building services, links are reported via a Google Sheet in real time.

You’ll have access to this sheet via our customer dashboard, and will also receieve weekly progress updates from our customer support. You will also recieve some updates about any of our link building campaigns which are going particuarly well.

How do we communicate?

We’ll communicate via the same customer dashboard which also covers invoicing and link building reports. Our dedicated customer support team will be on hand to give regular updates and answer all your questions.

Can I choose anchor text?

An important part of a quality link placement is the anchor text. But unlike some other link building services, We Outreach doesn’t give an option for you to choose the anchors of your inbound links.

We have an anchor text policy executed by our team, and ask clients to trust us as the link building experts to handle it in an effective and quality way.

Can I choose the pages you build links to?

You can give us a list of your highest priority pages and we’ll build links to them whenever possible.

But the primary focus of this package is to grow domain authority by building the best links possible – This means choosing the pages on your website that can best support these link building campaigns, and being restricted to specific pages would make this less effective.

Can I see websites before links are built?

Unfortunately not. All of the work that goes into building quality editorial links comes from upfront during the prospecting and outreach process. It doesn’t make sense to submit websites for approval after all the work has been done but before the link goes live.

We also have a strong quality control process, and only work with clients who understand and align with these quality controls – Meaning they trust us to build only quality inbound links.

Do you ever pay websites for links?

Like most other link building services out there, we do sometimes pay websites to add our links. These days, paying for links is a crucial tactic for any business that hopes to increase search rankings in a reasonably effeicient way.

The main difference between We Outreach and other link building agencies is that we don’t pay for every link that comes across our desk.

Our job as a link building company is not only to only to secure links but also to maintain quality standards, and we especially apply this logic to paid link opportunities.

For all link building we do (whether paid or free) we firstly confirm that the link would meet our quality criteria. If it does, then the question of whether we pay the website or not makes little difference.

Are there any requirements to work with We Outreach?

Your website must have a decent amount of high quality content to support our link building campaigns, so of course we can only work with websites that fit with this criteria.

In general, we’re also only a good fit with clients who understand and agree with our link building philosophy and quality framework.

We do an assessment of every potential client who applies to work with us, and let them know whether we’d be a good fit or not. We will happily recommend another link building company for any applicants who aren’t a good fit.

Why should I choose We Outreach over other link building agencies?

We Outreach is a good fit with clients who share our link building philosophies, while another company might be the best link building service for clients who aren’t a good fit.

What sets We Outreach apart from other link building services is our focus on the end result.

The links themselves don’t matter as much as the end result – Do they drive ranking and traffic increases?

Our process is designed to build links that drive these benefits, while also mitigating the risk of a Google penalty (due to obviously unnatural links). The key to successful link building these days is to focus on the end result of increased traffic while also managing the balance between risk and reward.

Is a link building service all I need?

While link building is one of the highest-impact ranking factors, they also won’t be effective unless they’re just one part of a broader SEO strategy.

To get the most from a link building strategy you also need to focus on:

  • Keyword research
  • Producing quality content
  • Site architecture and internal linking structure
  • On page content optimisation

If you don’t have a strategy which covers all these areas, you should focus on building that first before you start considering link building services.