2434% Traffic Increase For EDU Data Site



Featured Links:

  • coursesuggest.com (DR41 – 45,300 traffic)
  • worldwisetutoring.com (DR32 – 10,400 traffic)
  • prospectivedoctor.com (DR42 – 67,600 traffic)
  • academicinfluence.com (DR61 – 42,900 traffic)
  • diplomaframe.com (DR63 – 55,700 traffic)

256 -> 6,767 (+2,434%)

Monthly Google traffic


High quailty backlinks built

DR30 -> DR36 (+20%)

High quailty backlinks built

The Website:

This website gathers data about various universities in the US, and rates them based on acceptance levels, tuition fees, etc.

How We Built Links:

Hard data that’s valuable and actionable is one of the best resources you can have as the foundation of link buliding campaigns.

This entire website exists to gather and sort data, so we focused our outreach campaigns on promoting this data and university ratings to relevant websites.

With such valuable data to hand, it’s relatively easy to encourage relevant websites to link to our client, as they’ll feel it’s beneficial for their readers.

The Results:

The website has increased from 256 to 6,767 organic traffic (as per Ahrefs), meaning a 2,434% increase.

We’ve built 61 links for this client.

The average link metrics across the whole order so far were: DR44 and 42,394 organic traffic.

As always, these results come from the combination of great work by the client on their content and on-site optimisation and our high quality link building.

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