219% Traffic Increase For A Dog Care Website



Featured Links:

  • pawsafe.com (DR28 – 82,000 traffic)
  • petsitters.org (DR74 – 9,800 traffic)
  • ourfitpets.com (DR50 – 10,600 traffic)
  • thedogsjournal.com (DR39 – 9,700 traffic)
  • thedogbakery.com (DR51 – 71,200 traffic)

84,717 -> 270,290 (+219%)

Monthly Google traffic


High quailty backlinks built

DR38 -> DR55 (+45%)

High quailty backlinks built

The Website:

We were approached by a website which provides comprehensive guides about caring for a certain breed of dog.

The website was already getting a lot of organic traffic, and had identified that a key part of moving to the next level was a link building strategy.

How We Built Links:

Pets is a generally crowded niche, with lots of blogs and passionate hobbyist content websites competing for traffic.

On the one hand, this competition means you need a relatively high amount of backlinks to keep up with competitors.

On the other, if you’ve got truly high value content on your website then blogs and passionate hobbyists make for greats link prospects.

Super high value, authoritative, and comprehensive content is in no short supply on our clients website, which meant outreaching to blogs and hobbyists worked extremely well and allowed us to build a lot of great links.

The Results:

Our client has increased their organic traffic from 84,717 to 270,290 (as per Aherfs estimates) since working with us, which is an increase of 219%.

As always, this great success is a combination of both their amazing content on onsite optimisation with our link buliding.

We’ve built 89 links for this client thus far, with more rolling in every week as we’re still working together.

The average link metrics across the whole order so far were: DR39 and 32,029 organic traffic.

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