My Link Farm Experiment (Testing & Data)

Our clients regularly ask us to review links built by other services… So I’ve seen A LOT. And you’d be amazed (or not) about how terrible most are. Something like 80% fail my quality check. A typical report I send back looks like this: The links come from sites with good metrics (DR, traffic) and … Read more

Your High Standards Are Killing Your Link Building

Do you struggle to build enough high quality links? You probably see the same shitty link farms everywhere Maybe you think PR link building or HARO at $1000 per link is the only solution. Or that you gotta build a crack in-house team. Well, maybe you’re right (it depends™). Or maybe YOU are the problem… … Read more

How I’ll Rank Higher In 2024 (And You Can Too)

SEOs after 2023 be like… Yep, it’s been a bumpy, unpredictable, and downright worrying year. I’m sure it’s all seared into your memory, but to recap, we’ve had: It’s been a rough year, but honestly nothing new in the world of long term SEO. Sometimes you gotta roll with the punches. So let’s dust ourselves … Read more

Outrank Your Competitors With This Backlink Strategy

A link building strategy should be based on your competitors. The Google algorithm is currently calculating that they should rank higher than you. So your plan to beat them is pretty easy: Let’s get to it, shall we? Step 1: Choose the right competitors If you’ve been a good boy or girl and done your … Read more

These Links Force Google To Rank You Higher

Getting a ton of backlinks is very easy these days. Just load up any link store that sells from their database, or send a simple outreach campaign… You’ll be quickly swamped by replies like “u giv $50 I giv link” The big problem: Links from most of these sites will be simply ignored by Google. … Read more

Why You’ll Regret Buying Cheap Links

Every backlink service sells “high quality links”, yet the prices different wildly. Anywhere from $50 to $1500 per link. Link building already has a reputation for being risky, so it can be hard to know which of these you can trust. Tip: It certainly isn’t the cheapest option. So in this article I’ll help you … Read more

Is Site Traffic The #1 Quality Signal?

Site traffic is one of the most common metrics used to judge link quality. But is it actually useful? Or is it just another phantom “quality signal” created by the industry to make itself feel better? I think it can be useful, but not in the way most people use it. There’s also a few … Read more

These “Sweet Spot” Links Move The Needle

Nobody really knows which links move the needle with Google (including me). It’s largely based on assumptions and guesswork, with just enough evidence to have a sense of what works (and what doesn’t). Unfortunately, this creates a perfect environment for hucksters. Every link building service can claim “our links are high quality” – And whether … Read more

Why Stupidly Simple SEO Always Wins

Google doesn’t care where your site ranks. It’s not in their interest to help you game their algorithm. Google just wants you to create great content so they can index it, make it searchable, and ultimately keep raking in billions in ad revenue from their search engine. Unfortunately for them, there’s great reward for gaming … Read more

1,390% Traffic Increase For Golf Site

The Website: This is an authority site in the golf niche, targeting a mix of affiliate and informational keywords. The site features in-depth guides and product reviews, complete with first-hand information and custom images. How We Built Links: The website owner does a great job with content creation. This great “linkworthy” content within a popular … Read more